Equipment in Fish and Chip Shops!
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The traditional fish and chips is an age-old snack that is a favorite among the residents of the United Kingdom. This snack is composed of fish fillets and thinly sliced potatoes that were mixed with breadcrumbs and then deep fried to golden perfection. These snacks can be purchased in a multitude of stores although there are fish and chip shops that offer them as their specialty. However, cooking these ingredients is just one aspect of how a fish and chip shop operates. There are numerous equipment that are necessary to preserve, store, and cook these ingredients. In this article, the two most vital equipment will be listed and their importance will be elaborated upon.

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A commercial deep fat fryer is essential to any fish and chip shop because this is where the magic of cooking the ingredients happen. Depending on the number of customers and the volume of orders, numerous units of deep fryers may be required. This is not so much of a worry though since even the base models are sufficient to quickly cook the fish and potatoes. For the safety purposes, it is recommended to purchase units with built-in temperature controls for preventing accidental fires.


A refrigerator is the second most important equipment inside a fish and chip shop. A refrigerator is used to prolong the freshness of the fish and potatoes. It does this by reducing the temperature of the environment thereby slowing down the process of bacterial action. About 2 to 3 refrigerators are enough for a small fish and chip shop. The size is dependent on the number of customers served per day.

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